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Adoption Home Studies

Knowledge, preparation, and communication are the keys to successfully completing a home study.  


Generally, a home study report includes:

Family background, financial statements, and references

Education and employment

Relationships and social life

Daily life routines

Parenting experiences

Details about your home and neighborhood

Readiness and reasons about your wanting to adopt

References and background checks

Approval and recommendation of children your family can best parent


The home study process, which can take between one and six months to complete, may seem invasive or lengthy.  Please know that it is conducted to help you decide whether adoption is right for your family, to prepare your family for adoption, and to help your family consider the child or youth you could best parent. The process also serves to ensure that children are matched with families who can meet their needs in loving, healthy, and safe environments. Keep in mind that the home study process is about the process itself and not just the final report. Adoption is a lifelong decision and it is important that the home study process helps match children with families who will have the capacity to meet their needs over time.  Additional information about the adoption home study process can be found here.  If you are looking for an attorney to assist you in your adoption process, there are several in the area I have worked with and I can assist you with locating one. 


If you have contacted our office to begin an adoption home study, please take a moment to review the following documents:

Introduction Letter

Advisement Form

Personal History Questionnaire 

Central Registry

Parental Reference Form


Adoptive Home Studies cost is $1250.  Post Adoption Visits or Updated Social Studies may cost between $500-$750. Additional costs for mileage may be incurred if located outside the DFW metroplex and contingent counties.

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