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Child Custody Evaluations

Child custody evaluations are usually done by court appointment, but can also be done privately.  You may obtain a sample order for child custody evaluations here.  Ms. Gordon completes both private and court-ordered custody evaluations.  The role of any professional conducting a child custody evaluation involves neutrality and transparency. Our evaluators always strive to serve impartially, never as an advocate for one parent or the other. In the end, the goal is to make recommendations to the court as to how both parents can best meet the needs and interests of the children involved.

In order to begin your custody evaluation, please take a moment to review and complete the following documents:

Introduction Letter

Advisement Form

Personal History Questionnaire

Parental Reference Form

Release of Information

CPS Records Request

Private Practice Policy Notice and Acknowledgement 


Lauren Gordon charges a base rate of $1500 per party for a custody evaluation.  There may be additional charges for interviews of involved persons at the rate of $125.00 per party.  Additional work may be performed for $250.00 per hour.  Ms. Gordon's court appearance fee is $1000 per 4 hour block, subpoena is required, and payment must be received in advance. Expedited services are provided at a rate of $500 per party and subject to evaluator's approval. 

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