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We offer counseling for families and children that involve parent-child conflicts, communicating, motivating and disciplining children, disagreements between parents over child rearing practices, relationships and boundaries with adult children who have returned home.  We also serve couples that need to develop and maintain positive communication and a healthy relationship.  We focus on conflict resolution, infidelity, and dealing with separation and threats of divorce.  Our experts have found that truancy, behavior problems, academic failure, bullying, and difficulty making friends are common issues for many children today, and we are committed to resolving relationship difficulties, everyday stressors, and other conflicts within the family to allow parents and children to grow together as a cohesive family unit.  Finally, Lauren B. Gordon has experience  in grief counseling with a focus on line of duty deaths for law enforcement families and survivors.  Our counseling services are offered in our comfortable office setting at $85.00 per hour.. We are accepting most insurances and bill these through a 3rd party company.


In an effort to streamline the process, please complete the following forms prior to your first appointment.

Adult Intake Form 

Child Intake Form

Release of Information

Cancellation Policy

Privacy Policy and Acknowledgement

Acknowledgement of Therapeutic Responsibility

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